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I never really intended this blog for remarkably personal thoughts, but I need a forum that is larger than Facebook or Twitters to discuss my thoughts. To start, here’s some honest background points of reference:

  • I am an unabashed and unashamed believer in Christ, God and the divine inspiration of the Bible. If that is a point of disagreement, I’m sorry, but I will never change my mind there.
  • After being a Christian, secondly, I am a physicist by training, mindset and by belief. I fully subscribe to the scientific method, theory and experimentation.
  • I have never found or seen anything scientifically proven to cause these previous two points to come into unresolvable conflict.
  • I love and respect Bill Nye, and his Science Guy show heavily influenced me in my desire to seek knowledge from science.

I am fascinated by the idea of an open debate on the origin of our universe, which basically is a debate about the existence of God in the first place. I also really think that any forum like this will usually do little change anyone’s beliefs, but what it can do is spark thoughts that can grow into a full fledged fire. I hope and pray that God does use this as a spark to show Himself to the people listening and participating in the debate.

So, where do I come down here… I have a really hard time with some of the statements that are made by Young Earth Creationists. Their hearts are in the right place and their beliefs are essentially the same as mine, except that I think they’re misrepresenting Christians as a whole. Making statements that sound completely insane is a waste of time in any debate. Most of the YE statements tend to come off, to non-believers and rational thinkers alike, as insane. They tend to discount a lot of the scientific progress that has come to pass and by doing that, or saying things that are absolute like “you cannot prove that” does not win an argument.

Science is the pursuit of knowledge and truth, and I believe the Bible is truth as well. The best part of this is that:

Truth cannot disprove truth!

So there must be a way for the science and the faith to coexist and, in fact, to encourage each other! When you take all these thoughts together, I find myself asking this question:


Now, can Old Earth Creationism answer all the questions? No, of course not, but it just poses the question of “If the universe was created by the big bang, as science suggests, then what caused the big bang?” That question is the one that science will never answer, nor can it, but God did already in Genesis 1. The rest are details that all pull and push against each other, but neither breaks. One special note regarding evolution. This is not to say that God does/did not use some form of evolution in the creation of the Earth, however, I reject the unproven theory of evolution as the whole process of deriving all life from a single organism. This is the difference between “macro-evolution” and “micro-evolution” [more similar to adaptation than evolution].

One of my favorite authors and Christian thinkers, Glenn Packiam felt compelled to add his thoughts and I think it perfectly sums up the correct Christian response to entire discussion and a thorough discussion of the Genesis 1 text. Check it out: Glenn Packiam Blog

To read more of the science side of Old Earth Creationism, please check this article out: Old Earth Creationism

At the end of the day, the most important thing really is not how the Earth came to be, because frankly, does it even matter??? It is what we are going to do on this Earth to love each other and show God’s love and mercy to the world as ambassadors of Jesus Christ himself. Feel free to disagree about this, or not, but remember, we’re all on the same team!

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