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Creation Debate thoughts

February 5, 2014 Leave a comment

I never really intended this blog for remarkably personal thoughts, but I need a forum that is larger than Facebook or Twitters to discuss my thoughts. To start, here’s some honest background points of reference:

  • I am an unabashed and unashamed believer in Christ, God and the divine inspiration of the Bible. If that is a point of disagreement, I’m sorry, but I will never change my mind there.
  • After being a Christian, secondly, I am a physicist by training, mindset and by belief. I fully subscribe to the scientific method, theory and experimentation.
  • I have never found or seen anything scientifically proven to cause these previous two points to come into unresolvable conflict.
  • I love and respect Bill Nye, and his Science Guy show heavily influenced me in my desire to seek knowledge from science.

I am fascinated by the idea of an open debate on the origin of our universe, which basically is a debate about the existence of God in the first place. I also really think that any forum like this will usually do little change anyone’s beliefs, but what it can do is spark thoughts that can grow into a full fledged fire. I hope and pray that God does use this as a spark to show Himself to the people listening and participating in the debate.

So, where do I come down here… I have a really hard time with some of the statements that are made by Young Earth Creationists. Their hearts are in the right place and their beliefs are essentially the same as mine, except that I think they’re misrepresenting Christians as a whole. Making statements that sound completely insane is a waste of time in any debate. Most of the YE statements tend to come off, to non-believers and rational thinkers alike, as insane. They tend to discount a lot of the scientific progress that has come to pass and by doing that, or saying things that are absolute like “you cannot prove that” does not win an argument.

Science is the pursuit of knowledge and truth, and I believe the Bible is truth as well. The best part of this is that:

Truth cannot disprove truth!

So there must be a way for the science and the faith to coexist and, in fact, to encourage each other! When you take all these thoughts together, I find myself asking this question:


Now, can Old Earth Creationism answer all the questions? No, of course not, but it just poses the question of “If the universe was created by the big bang, as science suggests, then what caused the big bang?” That question is the one that science will never answer, nor can it, but God did already in Genesis 1. The rest are details that all pull and push against each other, but neither breaks. One special note regarding evolution. This is not to say that God does/did not use some form of evolution in the creation of the Earth, however, I reject the unproven theory of evolution as the whole process of deriving all life from a single organism. This is the difference between “macro-evolution” and “micro-evolution” [more similar to adaptation than evolution].

One of my favorite authors and Christian thinkers, Glenn Packiam felt compelled to add his thoughts and I think it perfectly sums up the correct Christian response to entire discussion and a thorough discussion of the Genesis 1 text. Check it out: Glenn Packiam Blog

To read more of the science side of Old Earth Creationism, please check this article out: Old Earth Creationism

At the end of the day, the most important thing really is not how the Earth came to be, because frankly, does it even matter??? It is what we are going to do on this Earth to love each other and show God’s love and mercy to the world as ambassadors of Jesus Christ himself. Feel free to disagree about this, or not, but remember, we’re all on the same team!

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5 Incredible Years

November 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Well, I’ve officially been a consultant with my awesome company for over 5 years now, and with that comes the 5 year anniversary mark of my marriage to one of the most wonderful women in the world. I am blessed beyond belief to have such an amazing and wonderful partner to share this life with!

I had a message from a friend, and while we were chatting about work and the fact that he’s working on the rescue project (another post on that coming another day), it came up that he’s been dating his girlfriend for a long time. Like 4+ years. I have no judgement on that, this is all in the way of backstory. He asked me “how do you know when you’re ready”, referring to proposing, this is what I said:

for me, there was a moment when I realized that I couldn’t see myself living without her. That I wanted to experience everything in life with her as my partner through and through. I then decided that I was willing to going to go all in on the relationship, to put her before me and to do everything I can forever to serve her and keep her happy. When I realized that doing that would bring me the utmost in joy and I didn’t want to live in a world where I wasn’t doing that every day, I had to make it happen

the conversation continued:

I can get a little religious with that, too – but from a straight up emotional prospective, I feel like that was what happened.

The key to my marriage, is that I make the decision to love her and serve her every single day, regardless of how I feel. And I think that is why life is so wonderful

He then asked me: “and she reciprocates that by doing the same for you?”

indeed. but even if she doesn’t, it won’t change the fact that I will.

and if you’re not ready for that, that’s totally fine, but make sure you are ready for it before you take things there

Anyway, I thought it was worth recording, and I hope you can be as blessed in your marriage as I am!

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Personal Thoughts on an up and down week

September 13, 2013 1 comment

So, in an effort to stay sane, I’d like to MUSE some on my week, which has had remarkable highs and lows.

  • Past weekend: thought contract was going to be canceled.
  • Monday/Tuesday: contract extension agreed to, terms still outstanding.
  • Wednesday: best concert I’ve ever been to, by of my favorite bands of all time (MUSE).
  • Thursday: Bittersweet ending of one of my favorite TV shows, Burn Notice.
  • Friday: had to take my precious bulldog to the surgeon to have her torn ACL repaired.

Consulting Musings
Consulting is one of those professions that is always in flux. In fact, my current contract is one of my longest, but usually every 6-12 months I’m on the look out for new work. Its built into the rate and frankly, if you can stay on contract, its tolerable 95% of the time. The worst part is the uncertainty. Sometimes you can be the best consultant ever, get more work done for the money than your client could have dreamed, but you’re still a consultant which means you won’t stick around forever. Contracts end and you have to go find something else. I understand the business part of it, but when someone says things like “I want to keep you, but…” or “…budgetary constraints…” it stings and begins the uncertainty period which can be a few days to a few weeks. I don’t mind an impending end of a contract, in fact, I am reminded to enjoy the nuances of the client and try to relish the pros of working for them. I don’t mind short contracts either. I do mind being a week or three from an extension deadline and being uncertain as to what will happen to me. That’s the risk. At the end of the day, all I can do is work my hardest all the time and make sure there is little reason to not be extended!!

IMG_20130911_204835_362MUSE Musings
I’ve loved MUSE since 2003, honestly. The song Time is Running Out is probably my all time favorite song and opened my eyes to the wonderful world of “alternative” music. It was a ridiculously awesome concert, and I had floor tickets, so I got to stand up there for four hours, but was 8 feet from Matt Bellamy.

Burn Notice Musings
Its always sad when TV shows that you love and have spent years watching end. It now joins other shows that make me sad to think about missing still: (begin geekery) Seaquest DSV, Star Trek Voyager, Stargate SG-1 (and other SG iterations), LOST, Eureka, Chuck (end geekery) and soon to be HIMYM. It was a good ending to the show, I am satisfied, but hope they do more because I do love those characters.

Bulldog Surgery Musings2011-11-23_11-26-06_581

My bulldog is 3 years old, and she recently partially tore her ACL (in dogs, they don’t have ACLs, they often injure their CCL, but for illustrative purposes, we’ll just call it the ACL). We tried physical therapy, but she had ups and downs and it became obvious that she would not recover without surgery. It was really hard to leave her this morning at the vet, really hard. I just feel so sad thinking about her being locked up alone and said before surgery begins, though the vet tech said that she’d get lots of love today, which I believe. She’ll be at the vet for about 30 hours total before we take her home and its about a 3-4 month recovery time where we must restrict her immensely. No playing, stairs or being off leash ever. That will be hard, but supposedly they do heal quickly, we just have to ensure that she is fully healed before we let her be herself again. She will be okay in the end, and this is all for her own good. More PT and exercising will be necessary on the back side, but I hope and pray that she’s okay today :-/

So, I will be glad when this week is over officially, my dog is home and my contract is signed for the next 3 months. Happy Friday.

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