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How to [or not to] move forward in today’s technology market?

August 16, 2012 Leave a comment

I ended the title with a question mark because part of this sentiment is how can I best move forward, and also how I have managed to move forward to this point. I have had a successful career to date, mostly by working hard and taking the initiative to learn new technology and branch out in my experiences.

As a consultant, I’ve worked with people in all types of offices and I see people with and without ambition, drive and intelligence.  There are a remarkable number of people who are good at their jobs and have no desire to move forward in them.  That’s fine with me, of course, because these people are usually content to sit back and get things done without complicating things.  The problem I’ve seen, however, is when they are promoted because they’ve been around for a long time being good at their job.  Very few people will turn down a promotion because they usually come with more money and who ever says no to that?  I am reminded of Admiral Kirk when he says not to let them take you out of that chair where you belong:
If you know you’re better off, say so! Your boss will understand and thank you for it!

Anyway, I want to make it to CIO one day, but I am still working on my technical prowess and experience. I add new skills almost daily and see how different companies and organizations work and use technology to better themselves. One day that will stop, and I’m not sure how to gauge when to move into a more direct management or permanant role… so, how should I move forward?

Today’s technology market is borderline insane. I think that there are far too many options and possibilities to really make the best choice every time. You could spend ages comparing COTS systems, or Java vs. .Net, Oracle vs SQL Server, Droopal vs Joomla! vs WordPress. At the end of the day, you need to jump on something and make it work. If you can’t make it work, then get something that can. I think the biggest thing that you can do on a daily basis is to just be flexible and open and always searching for that best possible solution. There will always be someone with a preference, and if they’re the ones solving your problems, then go with their preference and you’ll be fine.

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